Celebrating 44 years of activity on UHF by OE8FNK

The El Cuatro Multiband UHF/SHF FM/CW Transceiver

(see also DUBUS 3/2018).
The El Cuatro Microwave QRG FM/CW Transceiver and its chips are no
longer available. Requests are still pending, if you have
an El Cuatro left available for sale, please drop me an email.
Informations about El Cuatro are still here: El Cuatro Archive.
Service for existing El Cuatro transceivers continue, current
firmware includes important but free updates (just shipping costs).
Contact: via email: oe8fnk (at) uhf (dot) at
Information about the EC24, a 24GHz FM/CW transceiver is archived
here EC24 Archive.

The El Burrito 6cm Transceiver

(see also DUBUS 1/2023).
The El Burrito Transceiver for 6cm (EB6) is a really simple 6cm
single-band FM/CW transceiver that is also suitable for DIY.
It is a further simplified "El Cuatro" in a single band version.
There are 3 Modules to connect:
- One ready available ESP32 Control module w/OLED
- One ready available MAX2870 VCO+PLL module
- The El Burrito EB6 frontend, partitially assembled PCB
available at the PCB shop. Similar frontends for 5 more
bands will be published one after the other.

Bonus material. which was not available during editorial deadline
will be available here soon (March 2023).

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