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Archived info about: the 4-band UHF/SHF handheld QRP FM/CW transceiver

El Cuatro 20 / El Cuatro 22,

The EC20/EC22 transceivers are much simpler than you ever imagined:
Only 2 Switches one Encoder, Antenna and Earphone connector
But you get 4 bands in one handheld FM transceiver:
a QRP FM/CW transceiver for 23cm, (1296-1300 Mhz)
a QRP FM/CW transceiver for 13cm, (2320-2322 Mhz and more)
a QRP FM/CW transceiver for 9cm, (3400-3402 Mhz)
a QRP FM/CW transceiver for 6cm. (5760-5762 Mhz)

Published Articles:

The El Cuatro is a 4 band QRP FM transceiver that covers all bands from 1-6 Ghz
(23cm,13cm,9cm,6cm) and can be programmed to any legal frequency band. A cover story
about the El Cuatro is featured in the DUBUS magazine 3/2018, article is here:
El Cuatro, FM Transceiver for 23,13,9 & 6cm - Article in DUBUS (German+English)

The El Cuatro 2.0 is a 5 band QRP FM transceiver that covers all bands from
1-6 Ghz AND the 3cm band (10.368Ghz). This device is no longer available due to too
much effort in time and constuction. If you are seriously interested in the 3cm band
please consider using a transverter (e.g. DB6NT).
The El Cuatro 24 (EC24) is a 24GHz CW/FM transceiver that covers only the 24Ghz
band, but can also be used as signal generator from 21 to 25,7 Ghz.
El Cuatro, the 4-Band Version - 23,13,9,6cm - Article in QSP (German)

El Cuatro 2.0 the 5-Band Version - 23,13,9,6,3cm - Article in QSP (German)

Circuit diagram of El Cuatro - early 4-Band Version
(This is a snapshot of one of the early 4-band versions (EC3) with seperate
RX and TX antenna connectors. Sorry, I have no other updates available,
diagrams got lost during an OS update.)

El Cuatro 24 GHz Version 1 mW - Article in QSP July 2018 (German)

Why is there so much UHF/SHF activity in Carinthia (OE8)? (English)

The EC22/EC22r

is the newer Version of the 4-band EC20/EC20r.
With an additional power amplifier the QO-100 uplink can be used (CW only).
23cm repeater band (1298 Mhz -28Mhz) is included.
13cm repeater band (2400 Mhz +48Mhz) is included.
El Cuatro EC22 multiband QRP UHF/SHF FM transceiver
El Cuatro EC22 QRP UHF/SHF FM handheld transceiver, shown here with the
OE8WOZ ultra-wideband Vivaldi antenna.

Typical technical data for EC22r:
Power output on 23cm: 6dbm
Power output on 13cm+9cm: 18dbm
Power output on 6cm: 6dbm
Frequency stability: better than 0.2ppm
RX noise figure: better than 7db


EC20/EC22: no longer available. Chips no longer available, business closed, retired.

El Cuatro EC24, a simple 24GHz CW/FM Transceiver
Is also a 24GHz Downconverter and also a 24GHz LNB

A simple PCB with the BGT24LTR11 radar chip, which includes the PLL needed for
stabilty. Microphone is included, and a simpler PTT-Jumper for switching between
RX and TX. Frequency for TX is always on 24049,500 Mhz
There is now a seperate website for EC24 click here.

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