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Informations about: El Cuatro EC24
A Simple FM Transceiver for 24GHz
Update Dec. 26, 2020

DUBUS 4/2020 was released in Dec. 2020.,

A detailed description including circuit diagram and lots of details can be found
in Dubus 4/2020, and will be released after 3 months here.
El Cuatro EC24, Simple TRX for 24GHz
(To subscribe to DUBUS, the bilingual magazine for the serious VHF and up operator,
click here: www.dubus.org)

***Now shipping: EC24-r3***

There were only minor changes from the DUBUS article. It is Identical to EC24-r2,
except for the placement of the IF-connector and other minor changes due to
make it easier to assemble. The 24GHz part is unchanged. The PCB is much shorter
than the original, only 48mm x 74mm, the EC24-r2 was 48mm x 92mm.
El Cuatro EC24-r3, Simple FM TRX for 24GHz

Default Frequencies for TX and RX:

Region TX QRG FM [Mhz] TX QRG CW [Mhz] LO QRG [Mhz]
Region 1 24049,500 24048,150 23904
Region 2 24192,500 24192,150 24048
Region 3 24020,500 24020,500 23876

Power Measurement

Power output was measured with HP 435A Power meter und HP 8481A power sensor, the
power was shown to be abt. 1/2mW or 500 microwatt. Another PCB was measured to
550 microwatts, and according to the documents of the former owner the power sensor
shows 2dB less at 24GHz, so this is pretty close to the "abt. 1mW", which was
originally also measured on a HP spectrumanalyzer.
El Cuatro EC24, power measurement
Update: Power of the Rogers PCB was measured to 0,8mW (+2db correction) = 1,3mW.
Noise figure is estimated to 15-20db.


- Blank EC24r2 PCB, € 15.- + shipping.
- FR4 PCB with BGT24LTR11 soldered+tested (as descr. in DUBUS), € 35 + shipping.
- Rogers 4003 PCB with only the BGT24LTR11 soldered+tested: € 55.- + shipping.
- preprogrogrammed microcontroller for 24049,500 FM: € 10.- + shipping.
- EC24 r3 PCB (FR4): tested+ready: € 119.- now only € 99.- + shipping.
- EC24 r3 PCB (Rogers 4003c material) € 149.- + shipping, only 3 left by Dec.26.
- Tracked shipping is € 15.- € 10.- to Europe+EU, to US/VK/JA is € 20.- &euro 15.-


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